This Picture Sucks


and so do yours

Dudes from the Znyata forum

Льстите мне переводами – спасибо что читаете журнал. P.S. Беларусские девушки прекрасны.


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Now with email!

You can email the fine staff here at This Picture Sucks via the magic of internet mail:

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Change of pace

Over the past week I’ve gotten a bunch of email taking me to task about the tone of this blog. It’s humbling to admit it, but most of those emails were right. I have been a insulting and over the top, and for that I apologize. I’m probably going to take a break til next week, then I’ll come back with some step-by-step guides to getting the most out of your P&S flash and some tips on shooting effective self-portraits. I hope to see you back then, thanks!

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Don’t fret

Dudes, don’t fret, I will be back as soon as I sober up after the weekend.

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Once and for all, proof that I’m a grower.

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Amma twitterin’

Check this shit out, I’m on twitter. Follow me over at and be awesome.

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