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Nikon D300s and D3000 Press Release Review

Today, or possibly yesterday as I don’t care enough to check, Nikon announced two cameras. Since reading a press release is all I actually need to do to write a review in 2009, here we go.

First we have the Nikon D3000, Nikon’s delayed response to the Canon 1000D. That adds another camera to the surprisingly lucrative aprox. $500 market. Honestly, I had a heavy lunch and am too lazy to study the specs, but it looks like every single cheap DSLR camera out on the market. Big LCD screen, long battery life, picture styles, small, etc. There really is only one selling point, and that it is it’s a Nikon and it’s gonna cost $500 retail. Oh, and the shutter is rated for 100k, and that’s pretty freaking sweet.

Says the battery is rated for 550 shots per charge, but that’s with a VR lens with the flash fired at full power every other shot. I could probably get 1000 shots out of it the way I shoot.

Then we have the Nikon D300s, which is a camera I remember telling people would probably not come out. This is an excellent reason why you shouldn’t read my reviews.

Now, the D300s is a lot cooler, giving you 7fps without one of those lame grips, better AF and HD video for $1500 (guessing). I wrote about HD video in DSLRs (have never used it, am a huge fan) in my 500D press review. It also has dual slots, which was previously the domain of pro cameras of lore. Looks like a solid upgrade, if this were a car we’d be calling this a facelift. Probably not a worthy upgrade if you have a D300, but if you’re looking for a crop Nikon, this is the one to get.

I would probably be all over this if I wanted a crop camera and had Nikon glass. I don’t, thank god.


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Creative Commons and the Case of the Hotel Pool Sperm

In the past, I’ve written on how fucked up Creative Commons licenses are for photographers. Thanks to my eFriends and the internets, I just found a great example of what I was talking about. posted a story about some polish teenager claiming she got preggers in a hotel swimming pool and her mom buying that load of bullshit and suing the hotel. Right next to the article there’s a picture of a girl in a swimming pool, that must be the chick from the story, right?

The girl in the picture isn’t Magdalena Kwiatkowska, it’s a self-portrait by flickr user santiana, who forever gets to have her image linked to terms like “teen pregnant from sperm in hotel swimming pool”. did nothing wrong, santiana used a CC license, as god intended.

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Clouds, the low-hanging fruit

The three most photogenic subjects to photograph in the world are babies, flowers and clouds. Of there three, babies require special access – someone has to let your virgin ass photograph their kid. Flowers require you to pay, or at least wait for spring or summer here in the part of the northern hemisphere where you aren’t allowed to either honor kill your sister or sleep with her. Now clouds, they’re free, they’re year round, just point your camera at the sky and fire away.

Ah yes, but what can you do if you have a flat sky, where nothing’s going on? You use photoshop, baby. Shot with a budget-busting $100, 4 year old digital point and shoot, look at what you can get with two moves of a slider in potatoshop:

Bam! From boring to dramatic kitsch in a couple seconds!

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