This Picture Sucks


and so do yours

Clouds, the low-hanging fruit

The three most photogenic subjects to photograph in the world are babies, flowers and clouds. Of there three, babies require special access – someone has to let your virgin ass photograph their kid. Flowers require you to pay, or at least wait for spring or summer here in the part of the northern hemisphere where you aren’t allowed to either honor kill your sister or sleep with her. Now clouds, they’re free, they’re year round, just point your camera at the sky and fire away.

Ah yes, but what can you do if you have a flat sky, where nothing’s going on? You use photoshop, baby. Shot with a budget-busting $100, 4 year old digital point and shoot, look at what you can get with two moves of a slider in potatoshop:

Bam! From boring to dramatic kitsch in a couple seconds!


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  1. fuckyeah says:

    god i love your blog

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