This Picture Sucks


and so do yours

Recommended: The Bride Was Beautiful

Over the past month or so, you dudes have read 30 or so posts where I’m either insulting people, making dick jokes, or declaring the death of god. I will continue to do so, as men do, but today I’m going to do something different.

This is probably all over the internet, cause that’s where I found The Bride Was Beautiful by french photographer Romain Blanquart. Now, the site sucks and his bio makes me want to choke a dude, but whatever. Look at the series, it’s amazing. No gimmicks, no discussions of bokeh, bullshit effects or all that other crap I talk about here. Every picture tells a story, it’s good, honest, straight photography.

It’s so obvious that this is it, this it what it should be like, and so infuriating to see dudes trying to run scams with bullshit tricks. Take a hint.


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One Response

  1. John B says:

    Beautiful stuff, and heartbreaking. First time I’ve cried at work (for non-work reasons, at least…).

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