This Picture Sucks


and so do yours

#16. Upload lots of pictures

Let me float a concept, an idea if you will, by you guys: as photographers, you suck. In photography, sucking, as with any other visual art, is the default condition. Really, you’re shit. Learn to live with it, getting defensive isn’t going to help.

Your biggest problem right now, beginning photographer, is that you love your photographs. That’s like falling in love with a stripper or a streetwalker. Stop treating them like they’re little diamonds you’re shitting out from your cut-rate DSLR and kit lens. Use them as what they are, tools to help you learn. Take a pic, look at it later, realize how bad you fucked it up, do it better next time. It’s that easy.

Look, I know the game, I’ve played it myself. You come home from shooting pictures, been checking out your LCD and thinking, ‘damn, i got some nice shots.’ Dump them to your hard drive, fire up lightroom and straight away, you start thinking, “how can I fix this pic”. Doin’ it wrong. Start thinking, “this is all shit, I’m gonna toss it and head out again tomorrow” and start doin’ it right. What the hell, take a break before you look at those pics. Get some distance. Stop using them to remember what a great time you were having while you were taking them. Maybe Winogrand had it all figured out, waiting a year before he developed a roll of film.

You might think this doesn’t concern you, you come home, cull down those 500 shots to 50 and push that shit up to flickr or picassa. You know how you read about pro photographers going out, shooting 10 frames, showing them to the client and saying, “this is it.”? That’s not you. You’re going to be shooting 500 frames and you need to toss 499 of them. Still, that last pic is probably only getting saved for sentimental reasons.

Photography isn’t fucking and you’re not a virtuous young woman, nobody’s giving you points for being an awkward camera virgin. Experience is key. You need to learn to get your fuck on and trashing pics and shooting more is your little blue pill.

Oh, and keep reading the blog, I’ll add an inch to that photo dick in no time. (nohomo)


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