This Picture Sucks


and so do yours

Fashion diva pose

The weather is amazing this week, just like it was yesterday so no way in hell am I staying in to get mad about some photography gimmick. That said, I was at a shoot yesterday and the model kept making this pose, to which I put the question: what the fuck?

Who the fuck in the world ever strikes this pose?

Most poses have some function: elongate this, shorten that, put this on display, etc. Here chicks end up looking like someone turned their elbows inside out. It’s like… are you hiding your tits? Is that the point? Trying to make your hips seem larger?

Chicks need to stop looking like dudes and start looking like women again. Between this and the deadpan emotion everybody and their mom makes, you want to go and smack some photographers around.


Filed under: shit that grinds my gears

One Response

  1. mike says:

    hahahaha, keep this up, it’s a great read

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