This Picture Sucks


and so do yours

#10. Selective color

If there’s a way to keep the 80s alive, selective color would be it. The granddaddy of cheap effects you saw on posters as a kid, it involves keeping one element in color while the rest of the pic goes monochrome. Combining the aesthetics of a rotting corpse with the subtlety of a 2×4 across the face, it’s something to avoid like the plague. If I ever start thinking “this seems like a good effect”, I’m going into to get checked for a brain tumor or possibly pine for a bullet to ease the pain.

With the advent of cheap digital photo editing, selective color is like herpes. It rarely flares up, but it never really goes away.

Photography has these things called composition and focus. They’re really awesome as far as directing the viewers eyes to what the photographer wants them to see, subtle and able to add additional depth to the image at the same time. All these things that selective color are not.


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