This Picture Sucks


and so do yours

#5. 365 Days Project

Friends, let me share with you a little equation: 365 days of a picture-a-day is equal to 15 good pics and 350 days of you failing all over yourself, making a mess and boring the shit out of everyone around you. It’s also a great way of taking a hobby and turning it into a job that you don’t paid for. Forcing creativity is a great way to kill it.

Let’s look at what happens when you force yourself to take a picture every day:

You start taking pictures of yourself. Talk about a subject that nobody cares about but you – unless you’re a cute 20-something chick willing to show a little skin. Then, baby, let me friend you too. How you doin’?

The 365 day project is the New Year’s resolution of the photographic community, except that losing weight and quitting smoking will actually improve your life, this will just make a flickr whore. Who has time to develop a photographic vision and style when they have to produce every single day? Where’s the time for retrospection and critique? It’s in the shitter, where most of those 365 day projects pics belong.

I doubt I’m the only one who would rather just see those 15 good pics, than look at 20 out of the 365 and toss a middle finger at your general direction as I move on to someone else’s work.


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2 Responses

  1. a pic a day seems way too ambitious.

    I’d be happy if I could get a decent pic a week. Hell, even once a month would make my day (PUN INTENDED)

  2. Chris Wage says:

    I agree with part of this post — that is, that certainly this phenomenon happens.. I maintain that some sort of 365 project is an amazing tool for improving as a photographer, though. It forces dedication/discipline and also just keeps you taking pictures. Most of the marked improvement I’ve seen in myself was during the 2 years I’ve done this. It’s not the only way to accomplish it, but it’s one way.

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