This Picture Sucks


and so do yours

#2. HDR

Jesus wept, when he saw HDR. I know it’s mostly tone mapping and not really HDR, but what kind of blindness did you get hit with to think that it was a good idea? Do you really not see it? It’s like HDR’s become the beveled edges and distressed type of the late 2000s. We used to put stains and trash on everything, now it’s tone mapping.

I have absolutely nothing against dodging and burning, and that’s pretty much what tone mapping is – except it’s automated. The problem with applying automation to a creative process is that everything ends up looking the same, and if you don’t know how to hold back with those sliders, everything ends up looking like garbage.

HDR is worst when it’s used to ‘save’ a picture. I mean, look at shit like this, then look at the source image. You can’t polish a turd, you just end up covered in shit.

Christ, just LOOK AT THIS GARBAGE, it’s like someone used a cell phone camera to capture nature vomiting all over itself… then sharpened it.

I dunno, maybe it’s a return to late 19th century pictorialism, but mostly it seems like a lot of really boring shots with the contrast and saturation turned up past vomit. Hopefully, it’ll pass. I’ve never, for example, seen a printed HDR image in real life. Maybe when flickr crashes, it’ll disappear.


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5 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    I second that!

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  3. KJ says:

    Harsh, but fair.

  4. Korayem says:

    Thanks for mentioning my “Shisha Boy” photo.

    HDR is what got me into photography, so my first photos were HDRed EXTREMELY. But if you took the time to go through my stream, you will find that my post-processing evolved a lot. I rarely use HDR in my photos now. Only Lightroom and some photoshop plugins (hint: hdr photos are tagged with HDR).

    I quickly came to a conclusion; HDR is NOT for EVERY photo. And HDR can really hurt an image. People thinkg that doing HDR on ANY photo will make it “Cool” and “Attractive”.

    But through a lot of trials i developed an HDR for shots that would look cool in HDR, but in other cases, it should be AVOIDED!

    Thanks again…

  5. Korayem says:

    …btw, I didnt and wont remove the photo because it resembles a milestone in my photography because how controversial it is 🙂

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